Our Payroll Management solution is renowned for operating accurately, reliably and robustly, even in the most demanding business environments.

Our strengths lie in the simplicity of our delivery and solution, and we’re constantly developing the user experience and accessibility of our solutions and services.

Our payroll solution manages the statutory and occupational remuneration process for both UK and Irish legislation, ensuring you’re always compliant.

We cover every aspect of the payroll administration process, including:

Key Features

  • UK and Irish payroll legislation
  • Multi-company, multi contract
  • Multiple session pay per period capability
  • Child related statutory payment management – SMP, SAP, SPP, ShPP
  • Unlimited payslip and historical detail
  • Employee profiling
  • Multiple pro-rata calculations
  • Notional payments
  • Net-to-gross payments
  • Spinal column management
  • Automatic allocation of age related and apprenticeship NI categories
  • Automatic National Insurance (NI) recalculation
  • Automatic late-starter calculations
  • Back-pay processing
  • Automatic ‘Auto enrolment’ assessments including postponements and Cyclical Re-assessments
  • Production of Auto enrolment notifications via workflow
  • Quality standard verification routines to check data before FPS submissions
  • Full Real Time Submission (RTI) – FPS, EPS and NVR submissions
  • NEST pension output files
  • NOW pension output files
  • Peoples pension output files
  • Split costings capability
  • Safe Financials integration
  • P11d production module
  • Mobile and online payslip capability
  • Manager and employee self service web portal

Core technology features

  • Intuitive document management
  • Configurable workflow and task management
  • Microsoft Office and Outlook integration
  • Integrated reporting

Our solutions and services are offered as in-house, hosted or fully managed options.


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