Our hosted human resources (HR) and payroll solutions remove the headache of managing more IT.

When you subscribe to our Software as a service, you only pay for what you use, instead of purchasing an upfront licence.

Via our ISO27001 data centre, we can deliver integrated HR and payroll functionality directly to your desktop without the need for any ongoing IT involvement.

The service also includes a full disaster recovery programme from a secondary site operating in a warm standby mode, guaranteeing no loss of data in the event of an emergency.

Around this we can also include key payroll services such as legislative upgrades, payroll processing, and BACS transfer. You won’t be disappointed – we deliver 99.7% uptime and our services are available 24/7.

Key features:

  • Minimal information technology (IT) overhead
  • Removes payroll administration such as payslip printing and BACS
  • Enables organisations to focus on employee care
  • No upfront software costs as it is a transactional model
  • Full access to Self Service for managers and employees

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