Maximise the value of your investment through our proven training programmes.

Safe implements a rigorous training programme with your staff, to ensure that once a solution has been installed, you have the knowledge to meet your objectives and make the most of the functionality of the solution and resource competency.

Training can either be provided on a ‘one-to-one’ basis, or in groups. Usually, training is undertaken at Safe, as this provides a more dedicated training environment without interruptions. We offer you:

  • A fully trained team on launch of the application
  • Thorough knowledge of the system and its capabilities
  • Maximised use of functionality
  • The knowledge and experience to gain the most benefit from our software

Research into our customer base indicates that on average they use only 60-70% of the features available. This is often due to the changing requirements of the business and staff turnover, whereby original users of the software leave, taking specific system knowledge with them.

In response to this we have developed a series of group training sessions for existing users as well as new customers.

In addition to the group sessions we also offer a consultative approach. In such instances a Safe consultant will visit you and your team. They can assess your business processes, offering advice and recommendations based on their many years experience.

Our objective is to help your users to become experts of your Safe solution, so that you have greater control over running your business systems for maximum value. To book a course or find out more, contact


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